Shimla police now starts challaning cars at night


imageTraffic police is again on a challaning spree of vehicles in Shimla and violators are not being spared even at night.

Over the weekend parked vehicles in restricted roads like Benmore-Oak over road , Lady Reading hospital road and the Sanjauli-Snowdon hospital road among others have been penalised .

The traffic police has warned that now parked vehicles with permits will also not be spared now .

This decision has been taken by the police as emergency vehicles like ambulances and fire tenders are not able to drive past easily if vehicles are parked on many narrow roads .

The challan amount has several slabs , Rs 500 , Rs 1500 , Rs 2000 , Rs 3000 and in rare cases Rs 5000.

The amount varies due to Shimla’s roads being categorised as normal , traffic restricted and traffic sealed roads where a highly priced permit is needed.

The latest challaning spree has hit not only locals but even tourists who are pouring in large numbers as the heat grows in the plains .

In past the traffic police penalised vehicles only in the day time . But now the cops are active even at night .This was confirmed by city traffic police DSP Dinesh Sharma .

Due to its steep mountain terrain Shimla has very narrow roads . There are few parking areas.

Tourists often complain of very steep charges by parking space owners .

Due to parking problems many tourists choose to by-pass Shimla and visit lesser known hill stations in the hill state .