Devta followers beg for money on Shimla’s Mall

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imageDespite Shimla’s Mall street is out of bounds for religious processions.Deities are often circulated in palanquins by greedy followers to raise quick money.

In recent years the deity(devta) is carried during rush hour. Locals and curious tourists stop to donate money.

Often these deities are placed on the road on the mall and more people drop by to hand over money.

Police quietly pass by and never stop them. So that the devta caretakers merrily go home with loads of money.

Deities are mostly confined to a set of villages in the mid and higher hills of the state.They are rarely moved out of their territories.

But now a new practice of bringing devtas to the heart of Shimla and other towns has started.This needs to stop. Will the devta followers stop using the deities to beg for money!