Tata Sky drops TCM old movies channel in India , stings viewers !

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Tata Sky shocked millions of TCM channel fans across India Thursday by dropping this channel abruptly without any warning and an explanation.

Sources say Tata sky has started receiving a deluge of queries from disappointed fans about TCM going off the air suddenly .

The only answer provided is “the broadcaster has decided to drop the channel”.

But others say Tata Sky may have decided to drop the channel and not TCM the broadcaster as it claims .

“I bet by dropping a niche old English movies channel like TCM Tata Sky will accommodate some populist and trashy channel ,” one viewer told Sun Post .

Others even said that they were so unhappy with Tata Sky’s decision that they were thinking of moving out of Tata Sky to some other direct broadcast satellite television provider which shows TCM .

Tata Sky is India’s largest direct broadcast satellite television provider . It alone accounts for more than half of the satellite tv customers in India .

But off late Tata Sky has been criticised by many for becoming populist  like its rivals .