Himachal extends retirement of doctors, paramedics, re-employing old staff

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Shimla : To tackle the emergent situation which has arisen due to spread of COVID-19, the Himachal Pradesh government has ordered to defer and extend the date of superannuation of all Medical Officers, faculty members and paramedical staff of all categories working in the health and family welfare and medical education research who are due to retire on 31 March, 30 April and 31 May, 2020 up to 30 June, 2020.

As per the orders passed by the Additional Chief Secretary, Health here today, the Medical Officers and paramedical staff who have retired upon attaining the age of superannuation between 31 December, 2017 to 29 February, 2020 will be given re-employment on the last post held with effect from 1 April, 2020 till further orders subject to written consent, availability and fitness.

They will report to their duties in the offices of the concerned Chief Medical Officer of the district or Principal of the medical college, who has been authorised to issue re-employment orders on need basis and further deploy them in health institutions in his or her jurisdiction.

The extension or re-employment will be regulated by the standard term and conditions circulated by the state government in this regard. For the purpose of grant of extension or re-employment, the available vacancies in the equivalent or analogous posts in the district as a whole or medical colleges will be utilized for drawl of salary and emoluments.

In case of extension or re-employment against promotional posts, if nobody else is available for promotion or a panel has not been drawn for the purpose against existing or anticipated vacancies, the present post(s) would be utilised. In case no suitable post is available for grant of extension or re-employment, ex-cadre post(s) will be deemed to be created for the purpose.