Has monsoon 2012 withdrawn from Himachal

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Shimla : Suddenly on Saturday evening the air is cool and crisp in Shimla . The humid , warm air and the fog seems to have gone away suddenly .

So has the monsoon left the hills of Himachal or are there more surprises in store, we will perhaps know in the next few days .

Even though the weather office has forecast an odd shower on Sunday and some next week , I suspect the monsoon has left the hills and autumn has set in !

Remember this year the summer(May and June) was one of the driest in 21 years in Himachal . The rains were weak in July but gathered pace in August and September .

In July the weather office was saying the monsoon will be highly deficent this year , but has turned out to be normal not only in Himachal but over most of India .