Where are the dashing Shimla mall road cops !

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copShimla : Is it the end of the decades long tradition of elegant policemen walking at the centre of the mall road and adding a touch of style and aplomb to this famous hill street.

 From time to time , particularly in the evening when the mall is most crowded , two tall policemen emerge with impressive turbans and walk smartly up down the street .

 As they walk they discreetly encourage walkers to keep to the left and not stand at the centre of the road .

 The mere presence of these two smart uniformed men keeps the loud nuisance makers particularly excited tourists in check .

 But these policemen have not been seen all summer on the mall , leaving many wondering if the Shimla SP’s office is planning to do away with this tradition .

 Sources tell Sun Post the Shimla SPs office for months has failed to shortlist tall and slim smart cops to carry out this duty .

Is it such a big deal .Will the S P Shimla and the countless senior idle police officers in Shimla wake up and depute a team and smart constables to walk on the mall and bring back the dash to this street !