Dhumal distances from Modi’s comment on Sonia


Shimla : Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi got no support Wednesday from fellow BJP chief minister of Himachal P.K.Dhumal on his demand from the UPA government on Sonia Gandhi’s foreign trips at the cost of the exchequer .

Asked by Sun Post on where he stands on this issue , a rattled Dhumal first evaded the question .

Then he said , :”If public money is spent on her trips why should anyone get perturbed . Besides this information can be taken by anybody under RTI .”

Modi in the last couple of days has taken on the Congress alleging that Rs 1880 crore has been spent on UPA chairperson’s foreign visits including her medical treatment .

Modi has asked prime minister Manmohan Singh to provide exact details of these expenses .

The Congress on the other hand has neither dismissed nor answered this demand of Modi .

But the Congress has said this allegation was in poor taste and has demanded an apology from the Gujarat chief minister .

Both the states will go to the polls later this year .

In the mid 1990s Modi then incharge of Himachal Pradesh affairs had promoted Dhumal and sidelined Shanta Kumar .