Truckers encroach on New Shimla by-pass


tara unionShimla : A truck union in New Shimla is fast spreading on to the by pass in New Shimla obstructing traffic on this busy road.

The truckers encroachment is at its peak during festivals .With the start of the Navratra season this week make-shift ‘pandaals’ have been raised covering half the highway .

A huge banner has been put out outside the adjoining Tara temple run by the union inviting people to attend the nine day long ‘langar’ which goes on for six hours. Hundreds of people attend to feast every day .Some say the number is well over a thousand each day.

While the enthusiasm of the people taking part in the ‘langar’ is impressive. Others are questioning the truckers for doing this at the cost of the commuters and walkers on this busy road.

Questions are also being raised about the hygiene standards which are being compromised at the risk of many people falling ill.

Many New Shimla residents are critical of the authorities for not taking action against the truckers who have encroached on to the highway .

“How can you raise a ‘pandal’ on the middle of a road and feed people on the floor at the cost of their health,” said one angry resident.

For long authorities are being criticised for not taking to take action against the truck union for building a ‘pucca’ temple structure on the by-pass road.

After the temple was built some years ago dozens of trucks are parked on both sides of the road causing further congestion and traffic jams in this crowded part of town.