Straight out of Brooklyn : New York’s sad story : Review

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imageThis is not about the glamour and the gloss of Brooklyn, New York’s most crowded region . This is a disturbing film about blacks in the big apple .

It is about racism , failure and hopelessness . It is a tale of a black family .

A depressed , alcoholic and wife battering man and their two teenaged children .

It is straight from Brooklyn’s underbelly where the only way to get out is robbery and crime. The film eventually ends in tragedy for the family .

Released in 1991 Straight Out of Brooklyn was critically acclaimed and even won the best feature film award at the 1992 Independent Spirits Awards .

Matty Rich the director wrote the story at 17 and worked with amateur actors to make the film over two years . He was himself one of the actors .The actors worked for free .

The film was financed by credit cards and donations .