Shimla Christ Church on the Ridge :shoes not allowed!

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imageIn recent months people visiting Shimla’s most famous and landmark monument the Christ Church on the Ridge are surprised when they are asked to remove their shoes before stepping into the monument.

Until some time ago people visiting this well known church always walked in without having to remove their shoes .Now a notice at the entrance tells you to remove them.

Those who enter with shoes on like they do in all churches around the world are shocked when the staff yells at them rudely to remove shoes at the entrance .

Christian foreign visitors are particularly surprised by this practice .

“A church is a place where there is no concept of taking off your shoes outside. It is understandable when you take off your shoes before entering a temple,” an irritated man told Sun Post .

imageOthers complained of a woman at the church who from time to time yells at people found entering the premises with their shoes .

Many locals also complained that the church isn’t open to the public regularly and is shut for days together .
Built in 1857 it is the second oldest church in north India after St John’s Church in Meerut .
The original chancel window was designed by writer Rudyard Kipling’s father Lockwood Kipling .
The giant clock was added soon after. The porch was added in 1873. But the clock no longer works .

There are five stained glass windows representing hope , faith , charity, fortitude, patience and humility.

The pipe organ built in 1899 is considered the biggest in the Indian subcontinent.