Shift Shimla summer festival from Ridge : Harnot

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Shimla: Once again concern has been raised about holding events like the summer festival on Shimla’s Ridge by the Himachal Pradesh government.

“The Ridge is sinking.So instead of finding a solution to this the government is making it worse by holding events like the summer festival here which further puts it in danger,” said S R Harnot a local writer.

“There are huge water tanks below the Ridge if it sinks the tanks could burst.This could spell doom for the hill station,” Harnot warned.

He further said The Ridge is a popular destination with both tourists and locals.So there is no need to hold such events here.

“The summer festival should be shifted to the Ice Skating Rink,” he said.

Harnot also said the summer festival was an outdated event with no relevance. People were free to watch far better cultural programmes including local artistes on television and online platforms like youtube.