Rajya Sabha TV—India’s best

Arts, Views

imageBelieve it or not there are no commercial advertisements here , no shouting and screaming no sensationalisation like most private news channels in India . This is Rajya Sabha television , far better than anybody else in the country.

 And the variety of programmes is immense . Interviews , talks , debates by the best in the country .

 Watch documentaries , including liberal coverage of the arts , cinema , music and literature.

 Rajesh Badal’s Unki Nazar Unka Shahar is an hour long literary programme . So good that it deserves a serious award.

 I can think of no mainstream television channel  newspaper and magazine which has such an indepth coverage of a literary subject like Unki Nazar Unka Shahar.

 Interviews by the soft spoken and refined Urdu speaking Irfan and Samina are a delight . Some of the guests on their shows are rarely or never seen on mainstream television.

 Some of the notable regular current affairs programmes apart from the news are :

 The Big Picture , Sarokaar , Desh Deshantar , India’s World , Media Manthan , The Quest, Campus Debate , Jan Sansad , State of the Economy , It’s My Life , Sara Jahan , Policy Watch , Tarkash , India Interacts and World Panorama .

 Arts programmes are : Unki Nazar Unka Shahar , Guftagoo , Sadi Ka Safar , Yaadon Ke Saaye , Shakhsiyat and Colours of India .

 And remember Rajya Sabha channel is free to air and you can watch the old programmes on its website(you tube) . You can even watch live programmes online .

 The only worry is if the government some day decides to interfere with the independence and autonomy of the channel , if that happens it would be a big tragedy with India’s best television channel and the people of India !