Monkey showers money in Shimla


imageShimla :In a bizarre incident a monkey rained down rupee currency notes on amused people who kept collecting the notes for almost an hour.

This happened in a pine forest of Shimla in Himachal Pradesh Sunday.

Holiday makers first spotted a lone monkey with a bundle of currency notes on a tin roof . Then abruptly and somewhat playfully the monkey began raining the notes one by one.

And slowly some people began collecting the notes of various denominations.

The monkey soon leapt on to a tree and rained down some more notes and the people below rushed to pick them.

“Surprised by the attention the monkey was attracting the cash loaded monkey then decided to move into the thick pine trees. But continued to shower the currency,the money collectors naturally followed the monkey,” said Amit Kanwar on onlooker.

Later it was discovered that Rs 10,000 had been stolen from a house. The monkey entered the house through a window. Not finding any food the bored monkey caught hold of a bundle of notes instead.

The money was to be paid by a builder to his labour engaged in building the house from where the monkey stole the money .

Surprisingly this is the second incident in Shimla in the
as the one year when a monkey rained down notes on people below.

In the earlier incident a monkey stole the money from a house and rained down money on a crowded street.

Both times the money collectors did not return the money to the owners.In all the excitement nobody even clicked the monkey loaded with cash said onlookers.

Shimla is notorious for monkeys since the days Rudyard Kipling lived here the town was the summer capital of the British Raj.

Monkeys often scare or even attack people in Shimla. The highest point in town has a temple of Hanuman the Hindu monkey god.A 120 feet giant statue of Hanuman overlooks the hill station.