Missing blue skies and golden sunshine of autumn in Himachal

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autumn forestYou have to go far back —-to May I think . When after a brief dry spell the summer rains began in Himachal Pradesh .


Then in early June we barely had a couple of days of pre-monsoon showers and by mid June(a fortnight early) we had the deadly monsoon rains pounding the state for a couple of days .


The monsoon onslaught hit Uttarakhand and tribal Kinnaur  and wreaked havoc killing thousands in neighbouring Uttarakhand and even a few in Kinnaur .


After scanty rains in July the rains pounded Himachal in August and September . By mid September the humid sea breeze laden monsoon winds abruptly said goodbye but without a pause the autumn rains came from Afghanistan and Central Asia .


The autumn rains have continued during the second half of September and have spilled over into October , surprising  the hill folk , including oldies .


For much of the past week the rains have pounded Shimla and many other places across the hill state almost on a daily basis .There is sun , then clouds and spells of rain , as if it were July .


Where are the clear blue skies and the bright autumn sun , everyone seems to be asking !