MC Shimla blind to dirty street sugar cane juice crushers

Opening shop SDA complex by-pass
Opening shop SDA complex by-pass

With the summer finally setting in late in Shimla way-side sugar cane juice crushers have sprung up at many places. They are doing brisk business but at the cost of the health of the people.

A passing look at any of these street sugar cane juice wallas reveals a swarm of flies settling in on the noisy crushing machine and the plastic tumblers of juice.

Notice how the juice walla washes these tumblers after a customer has emptied a drink . He merely dips them in a filthy water container and the prepares to fill in fresh crushed juice to more waiting people .

An always the dirty flies are buzzing and settling every where.

All this is obviously a big health threat to the people who stop by to cool down with an organic sugar cane drink.

Many of these juice crushers have been operating their open shops for many years. Leaving many health conscious people to wonder what are the inefficient health inspectors and officials doing about it.

You find them all over Himachal Pradesh . In Shimla you will hear them first and then see them on the by-pass road below BCS , near SDA complex and Panthaghati among other places .

So what are the MC health inspectors and health officials doing . How are such disease spreading street shop keepers allowed to operate without any fear of the civic authorities . Who is responsible for the people falling ill !