Free anti-pest worms for Himachal farmers

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Shimla : In an effort to protect pest attacks the Himachal Pradesh government has started distributing anti-pest worms.

A spokesman said on Sunday that anti-pest worms are being prepared in biological control laboratories for the state  farmers. This will help their fields and orchards get rid of of the ill effects of harmful effects.

The official said the Horticulture Department said lakhs of anti-pest worms are being preduced in the bio-control laboratory of Rajhana, New Shimla everyday.

These worms have been brought from the National Institute of Botanical Health Management, Hyderabad for helping the farmers and orchardists.

These anti-pest worms are capable of preventing harmful pests like root crackers, cutworms, termites, white grubs and other pests related to crops present in the cultivated fields.

These anti-pest worms are transparent, they attack kill the pests within 24-48 hours according to the size of the pest by causing disease through the aid of bacteria (Photorhabdus Bacilli).

After the death of pests these anti-pest worms starts the process of  increasing their numbers by using the liquid present in the body of the pest, which is completed in 8-12 days.

This growth process is so rapid that within a fully developed root penetrating pest, its number can be over 40,000. They spread in the soil can survive for about six months.

20 lakh anti pest worms are being prepared every day at the Shimla laboratory.