Court bans sale of junk food in plastic packs in Himachal

Pic courtesy : The Guardian
Pic courtesy : The Guardian

Shimla :The state high court on Thursday ordered the Himachal Pradesh government to ban the sale , storage, supply and entry of non-essential food items packed in plastic and non-biodegradable material from January 26 , 2014.

But this excludes mineral water , both packed and mineral .

The court directed the state government to ensure that the edible oils and fats shall not be sold in plastic bottles of pouches but in tin containers .

The government will ensure no food stuff is made, shipped, sold , packed and distributed without following the food safety & standards act.

The state government has been asked to appoint a food commissioner in four weeks . Also no person will be allowed to carry on any food business without a licence .

The high court on Thursday vacated the stay in June this year in this matter .

The court also directed the state to ensue necessary by-laws are included in the municipal corporation , councils and panchayat rules in this connection.

These bodies have been asked to see safe collection, storage , segregation , transportation, processing and disposal of plastic so that no damage is caused to the environment .

All DMs and SPs have been asked to implement the ban and they will be personally liable and accountable for non-enforcement of the notification .