Believe it or not : Shimla MC to build 60 shops on sinking Ridge !

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ridge sinkingShimla : Have you heard the latest joke in town , the municipal corporation has given its nod to build a three storeyed shopping complex housing sixty shops below the Ridge .

 Now the whole world knows the Ridge is sinking , but the Shimla civic body bosses say this massive proposed building will actually help save the Ridge from sinking .

 If this is the case the entire Shimla wants to know from the mayor , deputy mayor and the municipal commissioner how will such a heavy structure save the Ridge from sinking , we are all waiting to hear , please convince us .

 The planned structure will come up from the unfinished public toilets opposite the MC building and will go on till the Padam Dev complex .

 I just want to ask the MC bosses , when you cannot build a damaged public toilet for four years how will you build such a huge shopping complex .

 And what if the entire Ridge comes crashing down , then what !