Autumn in Himachal , weather man sleeping !

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pic courtesy :the guardian
pic courtesy :the guardian

Ask any Tom, Dick and Harry and he will tell you that autumn has set in the hills of Himachal Pradesh at least a week ago , maybe two weeks ago.


The humidity has long gone , the fog has gone . The autumn wind is blowing hard . Days are bright and warm and the nights are crisp and cool.


The thunderstorm that clobbered the hill state over the weekend was clearly triggered by winds from Afghanistan.


The thunderstorm triggered hail , strong winds and cool rain . Unlike the warm monsoon showers , set off by  moist winds from the Indian ocean .


But the Indian metrological weather office seems to be in deep sleep. It has forgotten to announce that the monsoon has long left north-west India .


Agreed this year the rainy season has withdrawn early . But this is because the monsoon arrived early in mid June when it wreaked havoc in neighbouring Uttarakhand and in tribal Kinnaur .


Who needs the weather office announcement when every Tom , Dick and Harry knows in town that the season has long changed .