World Bank to fund Rs 986 crore water & sewerage Shimla project


Shimla : The Himachal government has succeeded in signing development policy loan with the government of India and the World Bank for improving water supply and sewerage services in greater Shimla area. 

The state government, government of India and World bank in a meeting held at New Delhi on Friday signed development policy loan-1 (DPL1) amounting to Rs. 292 crores (USD 40 Mn) out of total negotiated loan amount of Rs. 986 crores (USD 135 Mn).

Under this Rs. 986 crores project, Rs. 366 crores would be spent on 107 MLD bulk water supply from Sutlej river and rehabilitation of Giri and Gumma water sources, Rs. 270 crores on improvements in water distribution and SCADA, Rs. 246 crores on extension of sewerage network and Rs. 104 crores on rehabilitation and capacity addition of sewerage treatment plants.