Welcome to New Shimla , entry with perennial potholes !


shimlaShimla : Why is the New Shimla entrance road between the NJPC office and the SBI branch always full of potholes.

 These evergreen potholes have now become a trademark of New Shimla , congratulations to the staff of local PWD office who are always sleeping , or just not bothered .

 Why bother if your salary is deposited every month in time in your bank account . Also your senior officers and the local residents don’t care to probe and poke them to work , why bother .

 Coupled with the potholes is the constant dust and the slush if its rainy . The bad patch is barely 50 to 70 metres long but nothing seems to happen here .

 New Shimla is home to some of the richest people in this state capital but they seem somewhat happy to bear a bumpy entrance ride here round the year .

 Have wondered why don’t these suffering people who I presume pay all their taxes take a stand for once and surround the local PWD office. Why don’t they just shame the local slothful JE and SDO , why !

 And what is the local municipal councellor doing, is it not his duty to take up the matter with the municipal corporation and repair this wretched road patch .

 And if you happen to drive to sector 2 , just outside community centre building , one of the tallest buildings in New Shimla , almost half the road here has been dug up .

 It has been dug up for months now to get rid of a long pending water collection problem at the entrance of the community centre a popular place for weddings and other gatherings .

 But residents and passers by are puzzled why it has taken so long to complete this work . Often for days together nothing seems to happen here .

 I wouldn’t be surprised if a speeding vehicle plunges into this dug up area and mind you even then nobody will bat an eyelid !