The haunting soundtrack of Dr Zhivago will play on for ever !

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It has one of the most memorable and haunting soundtracks in cinema history , Dr Zhivago also has a brilliant performance by Omar Sharif ,  sensitive , melancholic and intense .

It is a highly evocative film of the Russian revolution era . Capturing the vast bleak Russian landscape , its harsh beauty , the cold and the snows . This miracle despite the film being shot in Finland , Spain and Canada .

It also captures a love story . I cannot think of anyone else who could have portrayed Dr Zhivago better than Omar Sharif .

Only an actor of Sharif’s talent , his background (he is  Egyptian) in the hands of the gifted David Lean one of the greatest characters of world cinema was produced .

Dr Zhivago has only grown in stature in the last almost fifty years . This epic will continue to haunt cinema goers all over the world for generations just like its breathtaking  music !