Shimla MC butchers fragile Ridge

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Ridge dug up
Ridge dug up

As if the digging of most Shimla roads wasn’t enough over the past few months now the civic authorities have dug up a large part of the Ridge in downtown Shimla .

Apparently there is some leakage of the main water pipe from the Ridge to Sanjauli which needs to be repaired.

But instead of gently digging the fragile area and locating the leakage a JCB machine has been used.

The JCB has clawed and dug deep over a large stretch in the centre of the Ridge.

The Ridge is a highly sinking zone. Almost every year during the monsoon portions if it sink .

So despite the dangers why was a heavy JCB machine used to crudely dig the area , many here are asking .

Motor vehicles are not allowed in this area but for an odd ambulance and an emergency police vehicle . So why was a JCB used by the municipal corporation .

Why wasn’t the leakage area first identified and then gently manually dug up and repaired .

imageThere is concern about how much the surface might have been disturbed . Giant water tanks lie below the Ridge which supply water to much of old Shimla.

Knowing how slow the MC work progresses it could long before the work is completed and the dug up section is tarred and patched .

The Ridge and the Mall is Shimla’s most popular promenade with tourists .