Safar the unforgettable classic

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imageIn an era of melodrama this is one film which stands out for the lack of melodrama.

It stands out for controlled performances by Rajesh Khanna,Sharmila Tagore, Feroz Khan, I S Johar and the ever natural Ashok Kumar.

Solid back to back performances by the duo of Rajesh and Sharmila.Aradhana in 1969 followed by Asit Sen’s Safar in 1970.

These two are probably Sharmila’s most powerful roles among the many dominant female roles in her glittering career.

Rajesh Khanna as Avinash is at his most charming and vulnerable. And this deadly combination makes him unbearably attractive to women who have ever since swooned over this super star.

The songs are now golden classics of hindi cinema.And the music of Kalyan Ji Anand Ji duo is not heavy but soft and soothing.Lyrics are by Indeevar.

Zindagi ka safar hai he kaisa safar,Hum the jinke sahare,Jeevan se bhari,Jo tumko ho pasand and Nadiya chale re dhara.