Reliance digs up Shimla roads , forgets to bury them!


imageShimla :If you’re planning a trip to Himachal Pradesh’s popular tourist destination of Shimla , think again , most of the roads here are dug up by Reliance Industries to lay 4g optical fibre .

The normally clean air of the hill station has now turned dusty with all the digging .Also the narrow winding roads have further shrunk causing traffic snarls all over the town .

Residents say laying of 4g fibre is okay provided it is done in a fast and efficient manner .

Instead it has taken weeks and even months at some places and the dug up sections have not been paved . As a result most roads remain uneven and dusty irritating both locals and tourists .

Even downtown areas like the Mall have not been spared , after the digging and and burying of the optical fibres the Mall and the equally popular Lower bazaar have not been paved. And piles of mud and broken bitumen lie all over the place .

Residents have accused The Shimla civic authorities of looking the other way as the army of diggers dig up Shimla roads .

Residents are surprised that the usually noisy local media for some reason has not covered this problem.

Himachal Pradesh has one of the highest tele-density in the country with all major mobile networks competing in the crowded market space in the hill state .