Reliance digging of Shimla goes on


imageShimla : The relentless digging of roads to lay 4G cables by Reliance in Himachal Pradesh’s capital here has gone on for the past few weeks irritating both walkers and drivers .

The town’s busiest roads are all dug up . Even downtown heritage zones like the Mall road , the Ridge , Lower bazar where vehicles are not allowed have been dug up with debris heaped up many places .

Residents complained to Sun Post  that trench like digging at the edge of most roads has been going on for weeks now .

Often these trenches are not covered for several days raising the risks of accidents by both walkers and motor vehicles .

Also the already narrow roads have shrunk further with the digging work making it hard for vehicles to pass by easily .This is causing frequent traffic jams at many places .

Added to this is the dust all over the place . People complain that Shimla was never so dusty .

Others say some areas are being dug up for the second or third time in the past month or so .

Interestingly ,Reliance hasn’t even bothered to inform the public about this digging operation and how long it will last .

There isn’t a single board or sign requesting people to be careful near these trenches .

Gangs of Kashmiri men are carrying out the digging work , sources say they are earning twice as much as BSNL pays them for cable laying .