Himachal to regularise illegal buildings

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imageShimla : The Himachal government has decided to regularise illegal deviating buildings in all towns through a controversial ordinance.

The state approved to regularise the deviations made by building owners in the Town and Country Planning areas and other local bodies.

The applicants will have to apply within 45 days from the date of promulgation of the ordinance. Such buildings as constructed on municipal land or by way of encroachment on government land shall not be regularised.

The basic rate for deviation on set-backs upto 35 percent for residential buildings (where permission has been taken but deviation has been made on set-backs) would be Rs 800 per sq mt for ground floor level and Rs. 400 per sq mt for each subsequent floor level.

The rate for the unauthorized building is Rs 400 per square meters for ground level coverage in rural areas or outside MC area and Rs. 200 per square meter for each subsequent floor. The rate would multiply two times for deviations on set-backs measuring above 35 percent and upto 70 per cent.

The foresaid compounding rate would be doubled for commercial unauthorised structures.

The number of unauthorised storeys in municipal areas will be retained at Rs 1500 per sq mt upto 100 sq mts of the unauthorized area. This rate will be Rs 1000 per sq mt for deviations in Rural areas. Deviations beyond 100 sq mt in unauthorised storeys would be compounded at double the foresaid rate.