Himachal roadways to start night buses on 12 routes from Sept 20


Shimla : The Himachal Pradesh government has decided to start night bus service on twelve routes from 20 September, 2020 in the state.

The state transports said the bus on the Palampur-Shimla-Palampur via Mandi route will ply at 6:45 PM from Palampur and at 9 PM from Shimla. On Palampur-Bharmaur-Kugti via Tanda Kangra route, the bus will start at 3:40 PM whereas from Kugti, it will start at 4:45 PM.  

On Nayagram-Holi-Chamba-Pathar via Jot-Chawari, the bus will ply at 3:15 PM from Nayagram whereas from Pathar, it will start at 4 PM.  On Baddi-Jogindernagar via Swarghat Bilaspur route the bus will ply at 9:30 PM whereas from Jogindernagar, it will start at 6:30 PM.

On Baddi to Nalagarh via Nalagarh- Swarghat-Bhakra-Una-Mubarkpur-Bharwain-Chintpurni-Terace-Jasur-Noorpur-Banikhet and back the bus will ply at 9 PM from Baddi and from Chamba at 9 PM.  

For Triloknath-Dharmshala via Keylong-Manali-Mandi-Jogindernagr-Kangra and back the bus will ply at 7:15 AM from Triloknath and from Dharamshala it will start at 6 PM. On Jahlma- Reckongpeo via Manali-Mandi-Sundernagr-Karsog route the bus will start at 4:30 AM from Jahlma and from Reckongpeo it will start at 5 PM. On Jhakri- Hamirpur route the bus will start at 5:25 AM from Jhakri and from Hamirpur, it will start at 5:10 PM.

On Rampur-Chintpurni route the bus will start at 3:45 PM from Rampur and at 3:45 PM from Chintpurni. On Shimla-Jasur via Bilaspur-Hamirpur-Jwalaji-Dehra-Terrace route the bus will start at 7:20 PM from Shimla and at 5:40 PM from Jasur. On Keylong to Shimla route the bus will start at 12:30 from Keylong and from Shimla it will start at 7 PM.

Bikram Singh said that booking for all these buses could also be done through online mode.

Night service by the state roadways was stopped in March this year.