Himachal revises PDF oil rices


Shimla : The Himachal Pradesh government has finalised the sale rate of fortified soya refined oil at Rs 104 per litre for beneficiaries under National Food Security Act (NFSA) and APL families under Public Distribution System in the fair price shops.

An official said refined oil would cost Rs 8 and Rs 13 cheaper for NFSA and APL families respectively.  This decision will benefit 19 lakh ration card holders including about 7.54 lakh NFSA ration card beneficiaries and about 11.53 lakh APL ration card holders. 

This is a considerable decrease compared to the previous sale rates of Rs. 112 per litre for NFSA consumers and Rs. 117 per litre for APL consumers.

Recently, the government reduced the rates of mustard oil by Rs. 37 per litre and now ration card holders can purchase mustard oil at Rs. 110 per litre from the fair price shops under PDS across the state.