Himachal NHPC ink hydrogen project


Shimla : An MoU was signed between the Himachal Pradesh government and NHPC for the execution of Pilot Hydrogen Project in the area of mobility at Chamba today.

The Group General Manager of NHPC A.K. Pathak signed the agreement on behalf of NHPC and Deputy Commissioner Chamba D.C. Rana signed the MoU on behalf of the state government.

Grid connected Ground Mounted Solar PV plant of 300 KW in the area of 200 acre approximate would be installed and Power of same would be used in the electrolyser to produce hydrogen. 

About 20 kg Hydrogen per day will be generated through electrolysis process and will be considered as green hydrogen and would be stored in pressurizing form. Water nine to 12 liters would be utilized to produce one kilogram of hydrogen fuel.  

Group General Manager NHPC S.K. Sandhu said this was an initiative of Chairman NHPC A.K. Singh and under this initiative the produced hydrogen would be stored in the fuel tank having capacity 20kg of a mobility such as bus, car and from fuel tank this hydrogen would go to the hydrogen fuel cells installed in the bus as a part of main engine. 

These fuel cells would be capable of generating electric power and this power would be used to run engine bus up to 8 hrs continuously or 200 Km in the local area of Chamba.

NHPC would also provide one 32 +1 seaters bus under this pilot project which would improve the transportation of area with zero emission of carbon.